Retiring my favorite Hijab

Ok I know this is going to sound corny but I have a favorite hijab I wear it all the time I guess you can call it my go to hijab.
 It is a one piece pull on kind , the color is dark black/navy blue with lace on the headband part and bottom.
I have had this hijab for years and it is well worn you can tell by looking at the lace work on the bottom it is showing the wear and the lace has come undone.
I remember when I first got the hijab>
 I didn’t much care for it as it was a short one I was thinking what am I going to do with such a short hijab ( at the time I was wearing very long 2 piece hijabs ) and so I threw it in my Hijab drawer and basically I forgot about it.
Then 2 years ago I changed the way I wore hijab .
When I first started wearing hijab I always wore them really long and over my clothes which has some good points as it covers everything.
But it also has a downside as in I’d spill lots of things on my hijabs , yeah I will admit that I am clumsy when it comes to food and drinks then add into that being pregnant and you have a huge recipe for huge mess and some embarrassing moments  .
Then one day I had no long hijabs clean so I grabbed the first solid color hijab I could find and it happened to be a one piece with lace on the front head part and bottom.but it was short it ended at the top of my shoulders so I tucked it into my jilaba  and thus a new fashion of connivance was born .
Yes I am all about easy and comfort when it comes to my hijabs ……………………..
I have no patience for wrapping and pinning and I do not care for bright colors , sparkly babbles or bling on my hijabs, for others if they want to wear it be my guest just don’t try to make me wear it .
My hijab style is the plainer the better , yeah yeah I know I sound so boring but I have never been one to stand out .


4 thoughts on “Retiring my favorite Hijab

    • muslimah says:

      I think soon I’ll have to retire another hijab, I tend to pick out one or two then wear them until they wear out. I do not like to fuss with the pins and the one piece or 2 piece ones are what I usually wear also it’s easier to deal with when chasing small children

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