beyond winter blues

Ok Ok I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have been battling depression and pain yes I still have this head ache it is never ending I have tried rubbing icy hot into my neck and temples but it doesn’t help neither does taking pain medication so I am at my wits end physical therapy excises do nothing to help the pain.
Lately I have just been sitting on the couch and holding my head not much of a life I know .
Doctors don’t seem to know how to relieve the pain …………………………………………….

Oh yeah Aunt Flo showed up yesterday so on top of my head ache that never ends I now have the cramps and backache of that time of month to be honest I just feel plain old depressed wore out and tired but sleep doesn’t help not one bit anyway I haven’t been sleeping just laying in bed and staring at the ceiling because I can’t turn off my mind my thoughts just race around and around like a cat chasing it’s tail.  

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