Random Rants don’t mind me

Ok enough is enough I need to speak my mind…………………………….
Here’s a brief of what’s been on my mind once upon a time I had this friend and she was like my bff or so I thought but then I started hanging out with other people and she got all weird and judgmental about me and my life and how I am raising my children keeping my house and living my life ect then she stopped returning my phone calls and acting basically like a B**** and being just plain out right rude and mean to other people she doesn’t even know , she yelled in a sister’s face about something that she had no business saying and she doesn’t even know jack about   I need someone to talk to and right now I have no one I thought B was my friend but she has stabbed me in the back , I guess I should have seen it coming by the way she was acting she never wanted to hang out with me unless it befitted her all she did was use me for her own gain she was never very helpful and she stressed me out I am glad not to have to hear about all the dumb guys she is talking to on the internet .

What upsets me most is she is being mean to M come on M is a toddler be a grown up and stop acting like a child .
If I could say anything to her I thing I would say to B
You are a real bitch all you do is use people for your own gain and when they are no longer of use to you you discard them you don’t know how to be a true friend and you are judging me and acting all high and mighty all I ever did was help you and what do I get for it nothing but disrespect and grief you cause stress and you are a horrible babysitter when I pay someone to babysit I expect them to play with and take care of my children not ignore them and leave them in their carseat to cry you were never a friend and your actions have proved that you are what is called a fairweather friend or a frienemy . You are disrespectful when I say Hi  you ignore me so I will not be talking to you why waste my breath and energy .
I pray to Allah that you move out of O so I do not have to see you and because you dislike living in O so much.

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