Parenting tricks no one tells you part 1

1. If it works then use it , if it doesn’t then don’t 

2. Tights under jeans keep a child warm Yes boys can wear tights also one doesn’t have to search for lost socks

3. put a footed sleeper on then long sleeved shirt and overall or pants baby stays warm and can move around.

4.wait till baby wants to eat food then feed them whatever your eating they are less picky .

5. dress them before going to bed then morning now rushing around trying to dress them .

6 . Have a simple core outfit for then ie stretch pants and comfy long sleeved shirt then add a dress over it 

7. do not stress over what they eat if they are eating that’s all that matters if they want to live on cheese and bread let them 



Been here in this country for 1 and a half months and have been sick for most the time I’ve been here also all the children have been sick the oldest baby girl has been pooping and peeing in her pants and refuses to go to school. Most the time I feel bored everything here happens in slow motion