Ramadan day 2

I made it through fasting the second day of Ramadan today I felt really tired and sluggish I napped between prayers fajr and dhuhr which is hard to do when you have three young children the older two watched tv with their cousins and I took baby boy with me he nursed and slept got up and did dhuhr prayer then I let children watch two movies while I read quran started where I left off yesterday surah 2 verse 153 finished the second surah and am working on the third surah read until verse 170 helped prepare for the breaking of the fast and afterwards washed the dirty dishes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Ramadan day 1

I didn’t sleep all night as I was worried that I would miss out on suhoor so I stayed up and read stuff on the internet about Ramadan then I got tired of reading so I watched 2 episodes of ncis and dealt with a fussy baby and got hungry so I went down stairs to try to find something to eat my sister-in-law soon followed and sent me back up to stay with the babies while she makes suhoor , I have drunk a huge amount of water and insha-allah I will be able to make it through fasting my plan is to sleep most of the day only getting up to do prayers and feed the children Insha-Allah it will work.

Well I made it through the day it wasn’t as hard as I thought, I didn’t know that when Ramadan starts daylights savings time ends so when I wake at what I thought was 3am it was actually 2am we had Suhoor it consisted of yogurt, dates, bread, eggs fried   and zamita along with milk a whole quart  just for me as I am nursing , I drank lots of water while waiting for suhoor then after I ate I drank some more than we did Fajr salat, which is marked with a boom and a call to prayer, then went to sleep until about 10:30am when baby woke me up I feed him yogurt and muffin along with breastfeeding , waited till it was dhuhr salat read some quran got through surah 2 verse 152 t then I went back to sleep felt dizzy and my head hurts as does my teeth . woke up later after about a 3 hour stretch time for asr  salat then helped make tea and prepare for breaking of fast at maghrib which is marked with a big boom and the call to prayer broke fast with dates, tea , smoothie of fruit and a pancake like bread as well as soup drank lots of water as was really thirsty did maghrib salat then tried to read more quran but children were to fussy , did isha salat and am just hanging out waiting to help with the cooking

Ramadan Almost here , While in Morocco

as salam alikum

I haven’t written in a while been quite busy with life , life has been quite trying to be honest I have been struggling, I am trying to live and be happy in a foreign country , I have been here since January and it is still hard I barely speak the language to be honest my 4 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old speak and understand more Arabic than I do.

My struggles seem to get the best of me some days I suffer from bipolar depression which means my brain chemicals are all weird and off my brain seems to be for a lack of a better word broken , I feel sad and blah when I have no reason to , medications don’t seem to help some days are better than others but lately it seems the blah’s have taken over my life I struggle to feel anything but sad.

I have been dealing with teeth pain , have been to the dentist three times in three weeks and still the pain is here have tried to explain to my sister in law that the teeth need to be root canals or to be pulled , the dentist just seems happy to clean out teeth and repack with stuff then see me in a week to repeat , (this is when I miss American dentists at least in America I can talk to and make myself understood , I would have had my teeth fixed the 1st time in America if I was home ) Morocco is a bit backwards and way laid back everything is tomorrow , tomorrow and sometimes it just makes me want to scream .

I have been struggling with my Salat since the 9th of this month I have started keeping track of how many times I pray , Islam requires 5 times a day on the 9th, 10th 11th I made all 5 prayers from the 12th through the 20th I had my monthly period and when it is cycle time women do not make salat after my cycle I started keeping track again 21st through 27th I made all 5 prayers some days it seems easier than others .


Ramadan is almost here and to be honest I am nervous and anxious I want to succeed at fasting but I do not want to affect my milk supply so I will try not really sure how well or what to expect as I haven’t really ever fasted more than a few days here and there since I became muslim mainly due to my health , the last few  Ramadans I was either   pregnant , breastfeeding or pregnant and breastfeeding or just pregnant yes I have had three babies in a short time span 2009 baby 2010 pregnant 2011 baby 2013 baby 2014 breastfeeding said baby who will be 1 in middle of Ramadan .

I wonder how Ramadan will be celebrated in a muslim country , yes Morocco is a muslim country this should be exciting I am looking forward to it and am a bit nervous as well .

When traveling with small children

I recently traveled with 3 small children a 4 year old and a 3 year old and a infant went on a airplane and during the trip I learned a lot so I decided that I would share them with you and make your trip easier Insha-Allah .

When packing make sure you don’t over pack which was my 1st mistake I had a carry on and a diaper bag my husband had a carry on and a backpack then the children each had a carry on that’s 6 bags and guess who gets to carry them yes that’s right the grown ups do .

Strollers are a life saver they keep track of the children and you can move faster if children are buckled in .

Ergos for baby are great as you can wear them front or back.

When packing your carry ons include a change of clothes for everyone pack clothes in 1 gallon zip-lock bags  and bring a bunch of wipes .

Pack small sturdy toys that won’t be missed if lost also crayons coloring books and stickers .

Snacks of crackers, trail mix along with juice boxes or small boxes of milk

Bring chewy candy for take offs and landings to help the ears

Ipads and computers are helpful as children can watch movies on it .

Arrive at the airport early it takes time to go through the security check points 

Once cleared security allow children to run and play before you board plane tired children will sleep .

Pack child’s own small blanket and pillow less germs and more comforting for child

Try and sit with children on inside parents on aisle seats keep everyone together if possible

Once plane takes off if children are restless let them walk up and down aisles , play with stuff in seat pocket

Remember children do cry and fuss on airplanes just take deep breathes and repeat soon we will be there to yourself