When traveling with small children

I recently traveled with 3 small children a 4 year old and a 3 year old and a infant went on a airplane and during the trip I learned a lot so I decided that I would share them with you and make your trip easier Insha-Allah .

When packing make sure you don’t over pack which was my 1st mistake I had a carry on and a diaper bag my husband had a carry on and a backpack then the children each had a carry on that’s 6 bags and guess who gets to carry them yes that’s right the grown ups do .

Strollers are a life saver they keep track of the children and you can move faster if children are buckled in .

Ergos for baby are great as you can wear them front or back.

When packing your carry ons include a change of clothes for everyone pack clothes in 1 gallon zip-lock bags  and bring a bunch of wipes .

Pack small sturdy toys that won’t be missed if lost also crayons coloring books and stickers .

Snacks of crackers, trail mix along with juice boxes or small boxes of milk

Bring chewy candy for take offs and landings to help the ears

Ipads and computers are helpful as children can watch movies on it .

Arrive at the airport early it takes time to go through the security check points 

Once cleared security allow children to run and play before you board plane tired children will sleep .

Pack child’s own small blanket and pillow less germs and more comforting for child

Try and sit with children on inside parents on aisle seats keep everyone together if possible

Once plane takes off if children are restless let them walk up and down aisles , play with stuff in seat pocket

Remember children do cry and fuss on airplanes just take deep breathes and repeat soon we will be there to yourself


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