Ramadan day 1

I didn’t sleep all night as I was worried that I would miss out on suhoor so I stayed up and read stuff on the internet about Ramadan then I got tired of reading so I watched 2 episodes of ncis and dealt with a fussy baby and got hungry so I went down stairs to try to find something to eat my sister-in-law soon followed and sent me back up to stay with the babies while she makes suhoor , I have drunk a huge amount of water and insha-allah I will be able to make it through fasting my plan is to sleep most of the day only getting up to do prayers and feed the children Insha-Allah it will work.

Well I made it through the day it wasn’t as hard as I thought, I didn’t know that when Ramadan starts daylights savings time ends so when I wake at what I thought was 3am it was actually 2am we had Suhoor it consisted of yogurt, dates, bread, eggs fried   and zamita along with milk a whole quart  just for me as I am nursing , I drank lots of water while waiting for suhoor then after I ate I drank some more than we did Fajr salat, which is marked with a boom and a call to prayer, then went to sleep until about 10:30am when baby woke me up I feed him yogurt and muffin along with breastfeeding , waited till it was dhuhr salat read some quran got through surah 2 verse 152 t then I went back to sleep felt dizzy and my head hurts as does my teeth . woke up later after about a 3 hour stretch time for asr  salat then helped make tea and prepare for breaking of fast at maghrib which is marked with a big boom and the call to prayer broke fast with dates, tea , smoothie of fruit and a pancake like bread as well as soup drank lots of water as was really thirsty did maghrib salat then tried to read more quran but children were to fussy , did isha salat and am just hanging out waiting to help with the cooking


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