Ramadan day 3

Not feeling so well today tried sleeping between fajr prayer and dhuhr prayer but baby wouldn’t let me sleep as he is super fussy .

He refused to nap all day and is running around and biting things , he’s teething and his teeth are hurt, so do my teeth to be honest I have had a tooth ache for over 2 and a half months . after asr prayer I read quran from were I left off yesterday all the way to surah 3 verse 70 yeah not a lot but I was trying , I helped make the iftar meal I made the smoothies the first one was a fruit based you take 5 oranges and juice them then get juice ice cold 1 banana 3 peaches 1 apple chop up add to blender add 4 cups ice cold water 3 tablespoons sugar and blend well pour into pitcher second one is milk based add 1 banana 3 avocados 1 peach 4 tablespoons sugar 6 cups milk blend and add to pitcher . While eating iftar my filling from a tooth fell out which is not good and it hurts a lot , I feel dizzy and nauseated I got sick earlier and choked on my own vomit I did do all the prayers and am now trying to put the boys to bed .


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