Ramadan day 10 through 19

well the days have taken on a whole new meaning basically I stay up all night and early morning hours till after the big boom and call to prayer do prayer then try and rest some days I get more rest then others .
Getting up for dhuhr prayer then back down to rest or read if little ones are awake I usually put on a movie or two sometimes three to keep them quite and happy it has been very hot and humid and that makes everyone a bit grumpy.
Do asr prayer and then help get ready for iftar , iftar is marked with a big boom and the athan then everyone eats and prays maghrib.
afterwards people go out and do things like going to the dentist, I had a tooth pulled and two teeth filled so now the pain is almost gone just waiting for it to fully heal.

Baby boy had his first birthday , it was fun a small family gathering .
I prayed and fasted until asr this day on the 19th day of Ramadan then Aunt Flo showed up , fasting and the heat made her show up late …….


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