Remembering when he was a baby

Where does the time go ?

Seems like just yesterday my baby was new-born and now he’s a year old plus a few days I meant to write this post earlier but time has a way of just slipping away ……….

Slipping right away we get busy and when we look up it has passed and there is nothing left but memories.

I remember when he was so small and helpless that he depended on me for everything , now he is quite big and trying to be independent it is fun to watch yet sad at the same time .

His personality is beginning to emerge and he wants to do it on his own but some things he has yet to master like running he is still all wobbly legged and easily loses his balance than topples over sometimes it is so hard not to laugh at the sight of him running around.

Here is a letter I wrote to him on his birthday :

Dear Baby Boy

Wow it’s been a year since you were born and in that short time you have grown and changed so much.

Yes I remember when you were helpless and crying bundle,  then you were a wiggling, rolling, creeping  and crawling baby and  now you can climb up the stairs and chew on everything you get your hands on.

You love running around through you are still wobbly and fall down a lot but you always get up and try again you get better every time and you  never give up .

You are now talking you say mama and baba and you make babbling sounds , and wave bye-bye so cutely and have figured out how to pull hair and bite ouch that hurts  . Love Ummie





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