boredom and depression and repeat days

I haven’t been blogging and posting as much as I have wanted to , I have been struggling with depression and boredom . I feel like I am sleep walking through my days at times each day seems to be the same as the last wake up do Fajr prayer then go back and try to sleep because it’s the butt crack of dawn and no one is awake yet but I never really get back to sleep , everyone here gets up around 930/10am is normal breakfast time breakfast is always the same bread with cream cheese and jelly served with either tea or coffee then its chore time chores are usually the same make bed pick up room change and dress children / sweep and mop /wash dishes /wash clothes depending on the day of the week . Then comes Dhuhr Prayer  then it’s lunchtime around 230 to 3pm after Asr prayer then its nap time /quite time then around 7 to 730pm everyone gets up and sits around outside waiting for Maghrib prayer then Isha prayer and then  dinner is served around 930 to as late as midnight then it is time to get everyone ready for bed showering and changing into night-clothes and trying to deal with the loud noises of screaming over tired over sugared children. Some days it feels like the movie groundhog day were it just repeats over and over  .

This is how repeat feels just look at the photorepeat

Some good things have happened 

I am now doing prayers regularly 5 times a day which is good as in the past I have struggled with doing prayers 

Most of my diet is now fresh whole foods , still working on my cookie habit why do cookies taste so good?

Trying to find ways to combat the boredom and depression




4 thoughts on “boredom and depression and repeat days

  1. islamstruepath says:

    All you have to do is find some kind of hobby that you enjoy. There are so many things. Personally, this happens to me when I don’t read the Qur’an or spend time with my family. These are things that I have to do and if I don’t I feel so bored and depressed. So try finding something interesting you can do. Pray to Allah to help you through this struggle.

    • muslimah says:

      Sometimes I don’t deal I just cry and stay in bed but I found that makes it worse. I try to stay on a strict schedule and keep myself busy so I don’t have to think about how I feel I do gardening as a hobby and I have some chickens that way eggs that I have to take care of in the morning and in the evening which makes me get up and do stuff if you ever feel like talking feel free to private message me and I can go over it in detail if you like

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