Moroccan coffee recipes

as salam alikum all

Below is two Moroccan coffee recipes one is a quick on the go recipe which is first , and the second is a longer more involved recipe, both taste great so enjoy!

this recipe makes 4 big cups

Take 1 quart milk place in pan bring to boil

Place in 4 cups add sugar to taste for each person

Instant coffee we use nestle coffee add to cups as much as you desire to make coffee as strong or weak as you like

stir and enjoy.

moroccan coffee yes Moroccans like to serve their coffee in small tea sized cups, I prefer a normal sized cup so I don’t have to keep making up small cups.

Here is the second recipe.

2 cups water

3/4 cup ground coffee beans

1.5 quarts milk

sugar cubes as desired placed in a bowl

to make take,

good coffee beans ground fine 2 cups of water

measure out coffee grounds into water  I used 3/4 cups coffee grounds add to water and

bring water to boil , boil about 5 minutes

place 1 .5 quarts milk into saucepan and bring to boil watch carefully so it doesn’t boil over and make big mess.

get tray place cups on tray   along with sugar and teaspoons for stirring

Place milk in thermal pitcher 

Place coffee in thermal pitcher

take tray and thermal pitchers to table 

To serve pour in milk add sugar mix add coffee and mix then drink and enjoy!



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