Stomach Bug and MoroccanRemedies

I have had a stomach bug for the last 3 days , it has caused cramping gas and loose stools . The first day I had it I just thought something didn’t agree with my stomach the second days I knew it was a stomach bug of some sort so I started treating it , back in USA,

I would have just reached for whatever stomach medication was in the medicine cabinet but here its not that easy the medicine cabinet and the kitchen are linked , here’s how basically here in morocco everything is home remedy unless you are gushing blood or broke a bone.

To treat stomach issues the go to is Zaatar to make it is quite simple

get zaatar (aka thyme flowers and dried leaves ) roll dried herbs between hands to crush place in pot add cup of milk and bring to boil turn off strain out and place in cup add either sugar or honey whichever is handy and drink .

below is a picture of zaatar in milkmilk with zaatar

That was the cup I drank yesterday , this morning I learned that one can also mix zaatar milk with one’s morning cup of Joe (aka coffee)

below is a picture of my morning coffee, zaatar and coffee

in morocco coffee is mixed with milk and then sugar is added , it actually tasted very good with zaatar added and my stomach seems to be on the mend.

I will inshaallah post a recipe for Moroccan coffee soon !


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