this is well written and explains SPD

In addition to the organizing supports I help to put in place for many sensory families I work with (mine included!), I am very often questioned about parenting.  Almost every sensory family I know comes up against a friend or family member who questions their parenting.  Statements like “he just needs more discipline”,  “you need to be tougher on her”, or “we never had these problems when we were raising our kids” are a few example of what sensory parents might hear on occasion.  On some level, there is no explaining to parents who have neuro-typical kids – they have no map for what it is like to raise a sensory child just like you have no map for their experience of raising their children – the old apples to oranges comparison.

I, however, have boiled down my parenting advice to my #1 Sensory Parenting Rule:

Sensory Parenting is about…

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