I Wrote a Book, Now I Need Your Help!


After starting the blog Suckled Sunnah, I learned so much inspiring and resourceful information about Islam and breastfeeding.  A few months ago, as I was completing my classes for the International Board Certification Lactation Exam my husband encouraged me to compile this information in a book.  I liked the idea of being able to share my knowledge and promote the benefits of breastfeeding in a format that will be more accessible to people worldwide.  So, I wrote a book entitled The Muslim Companion to Breastfeeding.  It has several chapters and provides information about breastfeeding that is relevant to Muslims  such as quranic verses, hadith, common fiqh issues, seerah, sunnah, explains why breastfeeding is best for Muslim families and explains how breastfeeding is from the fitrah, inherently a part of our spiritual and physical inclinations.  It also includes culturally-relevant recipes for teas, smoothies, snacks and stews, a guide on getting started…

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