Daily 10 Minute Islamic Challenge For Families

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How often do we catch ourselves being overwhelmed by life? I mean, so overwhelmed that we forget the purpose of why we are living? And what is the purpose of living, you ask: to worship Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala), to follow the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), and to pass this life’s test so that we can reach Jannah with our families Insha’Allah!

If we have time for social media, social gatherings, and socializing, then why don’t we make time for Islam? No really, why don’t we? Now, I know it’s hard- especially if you are a parent. But, you know what? It’s not impossible to teach Islam within your household on a daily basis…all it takes is 10 minutes each day!

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When praying feels like coming home..


When the weathers cold, the winds are bitter, and the day has been long, the one thing that sounds heavenly is going back to a warm cosy house, getting into some pyjamas and indulging in a nice hot warming drink, hiding away safely from the relentless cold that stands past your front door.
Well sometimes prayer can have the same effect. After feeling distressed, upset and torn down by the difficulties that life can throw at us, talking to your creator can make you feel at peace, almost protected by a bubble from the harshness that life can bring. Allah knows what lies in your heart. Confide in him. He knows what happened in your day, he knows the emotions you felt so open up to your Lord the one who created you.
It doesn’t need to be salah time for you to pray. Just make a Dua or just…

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Memorizing Quran… A Life Long Journey Inshallah…

Daily Striving

Reasons to memorize the Quran

I will post at the bottom all the reasons but first… my reasons inshallah….

1. to get closer to Allah… the Quran is the Words of Allah for us and its the path given to us to help us get closer to Him

2. to please Allah…Allah likes that His words are read, reviewed, understood, taught and shared, used and applied daily, etc… reading the Quran pleases Allah

3. to learn about my purpose… the Quran delianates the purpose of creation and gives direction to the believer on how to be, what to do/not do, and clearly lights the way to Allah

4. to be reminded about the true reason I am here… the Quran was sent to be a reminder and to benefit the believer through the reading and the revision and the understanding of it alhamdulillah

5. to worship Allah… reading the Quran…

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