Memorizing Quran… A Life Long Journey Inshallah…

Daily Striving

Reasons to memorize the Quran

I will post at the bottom all the reasons but first… my reasons inshallah….

1. to get closer to Allah… the Quran is the Words of Allah for us and its the path given to us to help us get closer to Him

2. to please Allah…Allah likes that His words are read, reviewed, understood, taught and shared, used and applied daily, etc… reading the Quran pleases Allah

3. to learn about my purpose… the Quran delianates the purpose of creation and gives direction to the believer on how to be, what to do/not do, and clearly lights the way to Allah

4. to be reminded about the true reason I am here… the Quran was sent to be a reminder and to benefit the believer through the reading and the revision and the understanding of it alhamdulillah

5. to worship Allah… reading the Quran…

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