Salaah as a meditation, sleeping patterns and optimal energy

Muslimah with a pencil

The new age rage about mindfulness and meditation reminds me that Muslims have been doing for centuries what psychologists are now finding to be healthy and beneficial.

When we pray Salaah, we step outside our busy day and attempt to focus completely on our Creator and on being aware of our faith.  We have to quiet our minds and calm the rush of life. To stop… and pray.

The new-age pundits realise that stopping your day to be calm and mindful for even a teeny, tiny bit of time is a Big-Ask.  So they suggest even putting aside as little as 5 minutes a day to sit quietly, focus on breathing and…be zen, or something.

But Muslims don’t need modern self-help gurus to tell them this.  Salaah is compulsory, it is one of the most important aspects of Islam. And it forces us to, in some ways, meditate (and apart from…

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