The silent struggle of being depressed and trying to follow your faith.


I didn’t sleep well last night I didn’t sleep much at all in fact I cried silently as the tears dripped into my ear,it is loneliest at nighttime when all others are asleep and your brain is to awake to sleep but to tired to watch movies or read a book ,that is when the thoughts of doubt and what ifs and if only’ s creep in and steal your peace and quiet ,
Peace and quiet not sure how to get that if only’s and doubts to stop creeping in while I’m trying to sleep.
I long for serenity and calm but I never find it.
Been having trouble concentrating while doing prayers my mind seems to wander quite a bit not sure how to remedy this situation
Is there a way to quiet all the clutter in my brain or is it just a it just a hopeless…

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