Okra soup

3 cups okra

1 onion/leek

1 cup parsley

1 vegetable stock cube

1 litre boiling water 1 vegetable stock cube and vegetables
1. Wash and chop finely the onion or leek and place in saucepan with oil

And cook with medium heat for 5-10 minutes till vegetables soften

Wash and top and tail (cut both ends off okra) and chop into 1 cm pieces and add to onions  Wash, dry and chop parsley and add to pot

Dissolve stock cube in litre of boiling water and add to pot

Cook for 5 minutes and serve


When the Words of The One Most High are forgotten
When the pride of man forces him to fight wars and destroy the world
When lives and property of others are viciously trampled again and again
When trusts are violated
When Zakat feels to be a burden
When the Quran is put aside
When Religious knowledge is sought for worldly benefits
When husbands become the slaves of wives
When mothers are subjected to harassment
When the father loses his importance in the house
When the Mosque becomes the center of gossip
When the leaders become unbelievers and morally corrupt
When the wicked are respected out of fear
When singing and dancing women become popular
When musical instruments become popular
When children despise their parent’s piety
Then will Allah Command the end to begin
And snap the Divine rope  holding the world’s reality
The beads of life will then be scattered one by one
A storm will come carrying a red wind
And suddenly the earth will begin to shake in a catastrophic earthquake
And the features of man will be distorted
Sudden calamities from the sky will come
And the earth will swallow and bury all humanity alive
By the Command of Allah, The Most High we will certainly see the end

As-salamo-alaikum (peace be on you)


As-salamo-alaikum (peace be on you)

The angels from the heavens sing
And the same as ordered by Allah
His faithful creatures also ring
Into the ears of their fellow kind.

This peace to which all souls incline,
This peace for which the cherubims pine,
This peace to grant which the heavens decline
To the world at large at once at a time,
Is not to a man or place confined.

When As-salamo-alaikum you say,
The seeds of love in hearts you lay,
An honour you to your brother pay,
Like fetters and chains which all in gay
To you your friends and for thus bind.

“Don’t enter houses other than yours,
Until its owner your coming endures:”
Your salute from door suspicion cures,
And an ocean of love within him roars
To bestow upon you his and mind.

Externally our peace may fail,
If internally ’tis of no avail:
Let us work sincerely whether mail or female,
And fight our way on, tooth and nail,
To eternal peace with efforts combined.’
Let our families develop rightly,
And work together in harmony quitely,
Which shall bring that long-cherished peace directly
To satisfy our souls perfectly,
A pleasure which the angels don’t find.

Envy and hatred take their root
In ugly minds in life pursuit.
A Muslim’s salute is a Muslim’s tribute
To love the gent to teach the brute
A lesson of Love highly sublime

Letter To My Friends

Its amazing when strangers become friends,
But its sad when friends become strangers.
I never want to lose you as a friend!
Send this to all your friends.
Including me, if you consider me one.
I met you as a stranger. Now I have you as a friend.
I hope we meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends.
I may not be the most important person in your Life!
I just hope that when you hear my name you smile and say THAT’S MY friend!