Make life with 10 letters

 The most selfish one letter word. “I” —
Avoid it. (Surah Al-Kahf 18:34)
The most satisfying two-letter word. “WE”
— Use it . (Surah Al-An’am 6:71-72)
The most poisonous three-letter word.
“EGO” — Kill it. (Surah Al-Qasas 28:78)
 The most used four-letter word. “LOVE” —
Value it. (Surah Al-Rum 30:21)
 The most pleasing five-letter word.
“SMILE” — Keep it. (Surah Al-Najm 53:43)
 The fastest spreading six-letter word.
“RUMOUR” — Ignore it. (Surah Al-Hujurat
 The hardest working seven-letter word.
“SUCCESS” — Achieve it. (Surah Al-Nur
 The most enviable eight-letter word.
“JEALOUSY” — Distance it. (Surah Yusuf
The most powerful nine-letter word.
“KNOWLEDGE” — Acquire it. (Of Allah & The
Holy Qur’an) (Surah Yasin 36:2) (Surah Yusuf
The most essential ten-letter word.
“CONFIDENCE” — Trust it. (Trust in Allah’s
Guidance – Surah Yunus 10:9 Surah Al-
Tawbah 9:51) 


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