Ya Allah,
Protect this Ummah,
Love us with your great Love
Guide us with Your sweet Guidance
In ways we can’t think of

Ya Allah,
Leave us not,
Even for the blink of an eye
Show us the way, show us the light
To fill our souls, and fill our lives

Ya Allah,
Forgive this Ummah
Forgive us, for all we have done
Forgive us, for all that we do
Oh Oft-forgiving One
Ya Allah,
For our mothers,
Grant them the Jannah of which we can only dream
Reclining on raised thrones
In raiment’s silk and green

Ya Allah,
For our Fathers,
Grant them Gardens under which rivers flow
Grant them peace, and grant them mercy
No room for grief, no room for sorrow

Ya Allah,
For our Sisters
Instil in them the heart
The heart that yearns for Your Salam
For Your love to never part

Ya Allah,
For our brothers
Make them strong, and make them stronger
May their Iman, only increase
And lead them straight to Jannah

Ya Allah,
In a world, where faith is thinning
And faith is greying

Keep us on the straight path
Lead us away from the shayatin

Ya Allah,
Make us to remember,
The power of your decree
The wisdom behind your words
The Hikmah of your Mercy

Ya Allah,
Without you we are nothing
Lord of the Alamin
With you we need
Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem

Ya Allah,
Protect this Ummah,
Let not our Imaan fade
Like Muhammad, peace be upon him
Be with us, every step of the way.

ameen ya rab al alameen


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