Private: Letter of a revert


I’m an ordinary Muslim.

I want to be a good Muslim.

I want to stay close to Allah.

As a good Muslim I have to do all Allah’s commandments and avoid His prohibitions.

But I don’t know what is the first step to be a good Muslim.

I need an advice’s and a guidance….’


2 thoughts on “Private: Letter of a revert

  1. ashleybounoura says:

    Salaam, I firmly believe that just wanting to do good and obey Allah puts you on the right path. Intention is so important in Islam, so you make the first step an intention to do good in the world and be close to the Creator, He will arrange all the rest of the steps for you =)

  2. muslimah says:

    As Salam Alikum Sister ,Thanks for your note, yes I believe intention is important and trying will help you follow the right path to Allah , I believe that some people struggle more than others with certain things and it is their test to bring them closer to Allah

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