Letter To Allah

Dear Allah,

You know me better than I know myself.

You are closer to me than any one else.

You know every breath I breathe and every sneeze I sneeze

You know my entire rizq and my life and my death

There is nothing hidden nothing secret from you

But ya Allah, I just want to enter those gates so everything can be worth it,

 Just need to get Home back to You.

Sometimes I just want to leave every single rope I’m connected to

I want to sometimes just leave and go far away in an empty place, barren, where I can just breathe

Where I can sit and stare at the stars,

Silence, away from every worry and task

Just to reflect on every blessings, on my journey, on You

But we weren’t made to have fun, we weren’t made to sit

If I searched for rest here, it would be fruitless

Rest and peace, and happiness and eternity belongs with You

So ya Allah,, we are all just toiling and it makes me think…

“Imam Ahmad was asked, 

“When is there rest?” 

He answered, 

“When you put your foot in Paradise you will find rest.”

Ya Allah,, just let me enter those

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