Never Say

Never say “wow”
say “subhan Allah”

Never say “thank you”
say “zazakAllah”

Never say “good bye”
say “fee amanillah”

Never say “welcome”
say “shukriah”

Never say “i’ll do it”
say “insha Allah”

Never say “sorry”
say “wastagfeerullah”

Never say “shame shame”
say “nawzubillah”

Never say “god knows”
say “Allah hafeez”

Dear Lord , Help Us,

Help Us, Dear Lord
Help us, dear Lord. We pray

To show the world the way

To conquer drink, drugs, hate, and greed.

Show us in your kindness how to succeed,

Then we can help each other when life is on the blink.

If you will only show us the proper way to think,

With your help behind us, from you helping hand

We could surely make this a really Muslim land.

This lovely world you gave us was for all to share:

People of every nation, wildlife everywhere.

It isn’t theirs or ours; it is a gift from you

To be shared with all creation, our whole life through.

Loving one another, spreading peace across all lands:

People of every creed and denomination, holding hands,

Joining in the prayer, for a better way.

Help us, dear Lord, we pray.

Quran and TV Guide

They lie on the tables side by side-

The Holy Quran and the TV Guide.

One is well-worn and cherished with pride.

Not the Quran , but the TV Guide.

One is used daily to help folks decide.

Not the Quran , but the TV Guide.

As the pages are turned, what shall they see?

Oh, what does it matter, turn on the TV

So they open the book in which they could confide.

No, not the Quran,  but the TV Guide.

The word of Allah is solemn read.

Maybe a verse before they fall into bed.

Exhausted and sleepy and tired as can be.

Not from reading the Quran, from watching TV

So then back to the table side by side,

Lie the Holy Quran and the TV Guide.

No time for prayer, no time for the word,

The plan of Istiqama is seldom heard.

But forgiveness of sand, so full and free,

Is found in the Quran, not on TV.

Illuminating Prayer

My prayer goes out to you

Praying that you are

Free from dis-comfort

Free from dis-ease.

May you be happy and healthy

Prosperous and wealthy

May all the dreams that

You want come true.

May you understand your role

In our world today

May you be strong and wise

Pray your troubles away.

These are times when

You must do your best

You’ve got to have it together

Success won’t accept less.

May you have countless blessings

Your whole life through

May you realize you’re loved

May God shine more light on you!


Co-WifeSister you frighten me,

Entering the gates to this garden,

I wanted to lock the door

And guard this garden I tended.

O’Sister, your innocent eye

Knows not my passion

Hidden beneath the soil I tend.

You have brought a new fruit

To this garden,

To me, and I see this flower

To grown there.

Where I share my fruit.

You have brought me

Far beyond where I ever believed to be,

Closer to the One

I have been striving to see, Allah

Subhana wa ta allah.

Sister, you scare me too,

I let go of the darkness in my soul,
To open the gates to this garden.

Help me Sister,
To see

The things that hinder me,

That keep me from being what I want to be.

Help me Sister,

To open the boundaries of this garden,

And tend to the fruit that growns there.

Let me open my heart,

Allah commands me,

Let me free myself from

The chains of emotion,

And fly to be closer to my Lord,

And to this garden.

Then Sister,
Take care of me,

When I lay down in time,

And tend to my garden where I lie.

(written in 2005)

Last Breath 

( Actually  this is an album of being told by a man who is dying)

From those around,

 I hear a cry, 

A mouthful sob,

A hopeless sigh. (That’s  after death)

I hear footsteps leaving slowly,( after burying)

And then I know my soul must fly.

I Chilly Wind begins to blow,

Within my soul,

From head to toe,(at the time of death)

And then, the last breath,

Escapes my lips,

It’s time to leave,

And I must go.

So it is true (But it’s too late)

They say each soul,

Has been given a date,

When it must leave

It’s bodies core and meet with eternal fate

Oh Mark my word that I do say

Who knows?

Tomorrow could be your day

At last it comes to heaven or hell (that is our final abode is heaven or hell and decide where you want to be, in this world itself)

Decide which now do not delay

Come on O Brother,

Let’s pray, 

Decide with now do not delay.

Oh! God, Oh!

God, I cannot see ,

My eyes are blind, am I still me?

Or has my soul been let astray,

And forced to pay a price list fee,

ALAS to dust we all return,

Some shall rejoice (that is the good people will be in heaven….)

While others burn (…. Well the bad ones will be burning in the hell)

If only I knew that before,

The line grew short

And came my turn

And now Beneath the sod (Earth)

They laid me ( with my record flawed)

They cry, not knowing, but I cried worse, 

( they are crying unknowingly but I am crying because I am going to face my God and they don’t know it)

For them they go home


I face my God,

Oh Mark the words that I do say,

Who knows? 

Tomorrow could be your day

At last it comes to heaven or hell

Decide which now do not delay,

Come on O Brother,

Let’s pray,

Decide now do not delay.


HijabDress in black got it all covered up

They think I’m oppressed

But really who’s depress?

I wear to express…

The true color I posses

So the time has come for me to confess

Stop the stereotyping

I request

I don’t like them fancy dresses

Or public presses

To hear me loud and clear

As my modesty speaks without fear

Oh Muslimah

Bismillah Ir Rahman Nir Rahim As Salam Alaikum,

Oh Muslimah wrapped in beautiful garments in this life varying in shades of black, blue, brown and the likes

When your soul is called back to your Lord you will once again be wrapped in the most beautiful garments of white!

Oh Muslimah death is inevitable and even if you were to hide in the highest of mountain tops, death will reach you.

Even if you were to seclude yourselves in your homes, death will reach you.

Even of you are the most pious and righteous amongst mankind, death will surely reach you! This is a reminder for myself first and then you.

So, Oh Muslimah while you still have breath in your body, while you still have time

(Insha allah) to accumulate good deeds, while you still are healthy and have wealth to give in charity, do that which will benefit your souls,for verily death will reach you and your deeds are written in your book and

Allah never forgets and He never breaks His promise and He is Oft-Forgiving and Merciful and He is the Only One that sees and hears all things.

When you force yourself in the depths of the night to get up for Tahajjudd.

When you cry out to Him for your sins, when you give charity in secret, when you help another Muslim in need, when you beg for His forgiveness for the sins you do openly and those hidden, the ones you remember and those you may have forgotten.

Oh Muslimah turn to your Lord in sincere repentance and from this day forth, from this hour on do the deeds that will earn Allah’s pleasure and will save you from the punishment ,

On a Day when we all will stand barefoot, naked and uncircumcised, alone begging for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

Praying our good deeds out weigh our bad.

Praying that those whom we wronged has forgiven us in this life, because you will be held up.

Know for sure you will be held up on the bridge not knowing if you will enter the hellfire or Paradise because you and another believer have not reconciled.

Know that you will be held up on the bridge if you wronged another believer and have not repented and have not asked for their forgiveness.

Know that you will be held up on the bridge if you have slandered or backbitten or stole or harmed or cheated or any of the other misdeeds will do to one another.

Oh Muslimah, May Allah forgive us all and aid us in this life with our affairs!

May he increase us in eeman and rectify our hearts and intentions.

May He put love and mercy in our hearts for one another, before the Hour comes when there will be no more time to repent, to forgive, or to cry!