Guest Post

As Salam Alikum Readers 

Below is a guest post by a sister , the poem is how she wrote it.

You said you feel hot behind d hijab 

Yet you prefer d fixing of weavon

You make me wonder which one is hotter

Cos I just can’t fathom out your idea 
Or what did you call that pseudo hair

That will certainly attract some pseudo men

They say ….hey babe u’re hot

Then you smile back to his mot

Looking blush makes you feel like u’re floating

But, hey sis wake up back to reality
Don’t tell me the hijab makes you feel hot

Cos u’re basically saying all cloth are hot

Then i suggest you don’t wear no cloth 

If u think hijab makes you feel hot

Cos hijab is made out of cloth

Not out of rock if that’s what you thought
You said the hijab is hot

But I hope u know jahannam is hotter

So I hope u choose wisely on which is better 

Because this is no matter you have to leave for later

Cos later sometimes lead to never

Don’t let your last day be the day u’ll cover 

Cos then everything will be over
As you are reading this hope u’re now sober

So when u wanna go out ,put on something to cover

That shows your imaan is now higher

If I live close I’ll kindly offer

That beautiful hijab that Allah has granted us

Cos we’re way more precious than anything in cover

Be it pearl,gold,and anything undercover
Popoola Nafeesah.A. 2016