My Last Goodbye 

My Last Goodbye

The time has come for my “last goodbye”, 

On this earth, 

Thought I would let you know, 

For all its worth 

This “last goodbye”, 


Doesn’t mean, 

I want see you again, 


I know you’re not in that body, 

I see. 

But it’s all that’s left on this earth, 

For me. 

With God, 

And my children, 

By my side,

 I’m trying to say, 

“My last goodbye.”

 All I ask,

 Is strength from Allah , 

To see me through, 

To say, 

“My last goodbye”, 

To you. 

My heart may be broken, 

But with Allah by your side, 

The hunger, 

Suffering and pain, 

Will no longer be inside. 


Sweet peace to you, 

As you take that final ride.

“My last goodbye”, 

To you, 

My precious babies


Allah , 

Has you now, 

Forever, in his bosom 

( This poem is for all my babies that I lost due to miscarriages)


6 thoughts on “My Last Goodbye 

  1. Rimsha says:

    May Allah SWT give you the strength to bear your losses. I think you have expressed yourself beautifully in this poem. It takes a lot carriage to talk about something so personal!

  2. misfitmuslimah says:

    Sorry for your losses, in sha Allah you are able to deal with the pain and move forward in your life, saying goodbye is a good start. Also miscarriages are still a mystery most of the time, did the doctors ever say why they happened?

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