Feeling Sad , Can’t Fast

As Salam Alikum Readers

I am feeling a bit sad and melancholy, I’ve been dealing with a few health issues and got the results of my blood work back and my ferritin levels are very low they are a ten and I had a follow up appointment with my doctor to see what it means and now I have to follow a specific diet / eating plan and am not allowed to fast this Ramadan doctors say it’s to dangerous with my iron reserves being so low. The diet / eating plan I’m on is very healthy lots of fresh leafy dark vegetables as they are high in iron beets and oranges as well a quinoa fish and oatmeal lots of red meat and eggs. Basically the doctor wants me to eat my iron and vitamins and to be honest sometimes it’s hard as I don’t feel hungry or have a appetite, I am also taking a multivitamin called alive women’s chewable and a liquid plant based iron supplement to see if this will help improve my iron stores .

I will be feeding hungry people to make up for my missed fasts , I was actually looking forward to fasting but now I have to make plans and adjust because ones health is important. I have noticed a improvement with my feet and legs since I started taking the vitamins and plant based iron supplement they don’t go numb as much . 

14 thoughts on “Feeling Sad , Can’t Fast

  1. Falak says:

    I know you wanted to fast, but health is also so important. You can spend time doing extra Ibadah, insha’Allah.
    May Allah make it easy for you.

  2. Saba Negash says:

    Subhan Allah, sis, I am so sorry you are going through this and pray Allah (swt) brings you shifa. I am happy though you are heeding your doctor’s orders. Insha Allah, may your reward for your prayers, sadaqa, Quranic recitation and other duties be equally rewarded as if you fasted.

  3. Haya says:

    Oh dear! It’s okay. This is all part of Allah’s plan. Insha Allah you’ll be all healthy again, then you can compensate these days of fasting. 💝

    May be you’ll get full reward of fasting due to your love for fasting. Eat well, and pray better this Ramadan.

    In wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. Muslim Mummy says:

    Your health must come first. There are many other ways that you can also benefit from this month… increase your prayer and in sha Allah you will still feel the spirit of Ramadan.

  5. Jameela says:

    May Allah give you shifa. So glad you’re feeling better in your feet and legs, alhamdulillah. Just keep eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as it should boost your vitamins naturally.

  6. Sumaira Zaheer says:

    I hope you feel better soon sister! I also get low iron levels and have to take vitamins! Try taking your iron supplements with vitamin C as the iron will absorb better this way 🙂

  7. Umme Hafsa says:

    Awww sweetheart try not to worry about it – as others have mentioned, your health comes first. There are still plenty of acts you can do to feel that ramadan spirit and vibe – as you mentioned preparing food for everyone, amazing! 💗

  8. misfitmuslimah says:

    I’m sorry you feel sad, try and look at it from a different point of view and know that Allah is all forgiving and all wise maybe its for a reason that you don’t yet know

  9. Chelsea WellnessMuslimah says:

    Aww sis to be honest I really commend you because a lot of Muslims forget our obligation to our health and our bodies and would probably fast anyways. But it’s honestly so important to take care of yourself and in fact is obligatory upon us to listen to health professionals. I pray Allah grants you shifa and a uplifts your mood. Ameen.

  10. Zainab Amiin says:

    Awwwwwww its the intention that counts. When something I want doesn’t go my way, I always remind myself, it wouldn’t happen to me if it wasn’t for the best and that inshallah Allah being the best of all planners, plans better for me.

    May Allah grant you patience and everything that is best for you.

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