Allergy Testing

As Salam Alikum Readers

My post is going to be about how I have been feeling and to be quite honest I don’t feel that great.

Last Thursday I saw a neurologist because I was having daily headaches and I was unsure as to what kind the good news is that they are not migraines and the bad news is that they are classified as sinus headaches and due to my long weird history of weird reactions to medications the neurologist that it would be best to figure out exactly what was triggering my headaches so I contacted my primary doctor and she ordered a allergy blood test which means I had to stop all allergy medications so I haven’t taken any since Monday night and it’s not been fun since then I have been so itchy and sneezing my eyes hurt and feel scratchy and dry I have weird rashes popping up all over my body and I can’t stand to even smell any type of perfume or cologne it sends me into sneezing fits as do most of the plants that are blooming.

I can’t weed my garden as I planned and I’ve been basically hiding indoors to try and not feel so blah and sneeze all the time .

Will post a update when I know more.

23 thoughts on “Allergy Testing

  1. Samira says:

    May Allah give you shifa, Ameen ❤️ I can only understand how it must be. I’ve had episodes where I keep sneezing the entire day after I wake up not being able to do anything else. It can be quite difficult. I hope it gets easier for you.

  2. lubnakarim06 says:

    I am also allergic to pollen and in dry climate the situation worsens…May Allah SWT make it easy for you dear…..InshaAllah things will be fine soon…

  3. Sainab says:

    Oh I do hope you get better. I suffer servere allergies so I know how you’re feeling right now. Have you tried natural remedies to try and calm down your allergies?

  4. lupusmuslimahchronicles says:

    Asalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu sister. I know how you feel I have nights where I feel so itchy and irritated that I can’t even sleep until I take an antihistamine, subhānAllāh. May Allāh make it easy for you and give you complete shifā. Ameen 🌸

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