My thoughts on lockdown and hoarding

We are in lockdown because of a virus we can’t go to the parks all the libraries are closed all our doctors appointments that are nonessential have been canceled and all we do now is stay home and try to entertain ourselves which is very hard when you have a very active toddler who doesn’t understand that you can’t go to the parks and play because you could get sick so we stay home and try to entertain ourselves I think the worst part about this virus is the way people are hoarding stuff it’s ridiculous it took us three weeks to be able to actually get a small amount of toilet paper because some people go overboard and buy cases upon cases of toilet paper I mean seriously you’re not going to use that many cases of toilet paper. And to the people who are hoarding the sanitizer why Share it And help keep people safe don’t horde stuff it’s not nice and it’s not gonna help you in the end it could honestly hurt you in the end if you’re hoarding everything and other people can’t get it there are some people who have to work because there is essential and don’t have the luxury of staying home these include doctors nurses police officers fire truck personnel public transit personnel they are working hard to keep everyone safe and to make sure they are able to get to their jobs they need to be able to get hand sanitizer toilet paper cleaning supplies if everyone runs to the store and hordes everything it hurts people so stop hoarding stuff

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