Random Facts About Me

Some things you would like to know about me are:

I love  to cook.

I love to bake.

I will read any book once.

I would love to live in the middle of no where ( i.e. in the mountains or desert very far from town), I do now in Morocco.

My favorite color is dark navy blue.

I wear solid dark colors most the time.

I dislike shoe shopping.

I love to write, have kept a journal since I was thirteen  years old .

I write poetry ,essays and random rants.

I crochet and have since I was a child .

At a party you will find me in the kitchen.

I am honest to a fault.

I arrive everywhere early, always have and probably always will.

I like vegetables and fruits.

I dislike fake processed foods.

I love chocolate and eat it a lot.

I have lots of food allergies.

I have lots of medication allergies.

I can’t use perfumes and most soaps

I am the oldest of Five  children

I have three sisters, one is two years younger one is twelve  years younger and the other is eighteen years younger.

I have one brother he is four years younger.

I organize my clothes by color.

I wear only long sleeve shirts , dislike short sleeves

I like long socks dislike bobbed socks

I have five children two  are teens now and the other three are under eight years old.

I have bipolar disorder 2 Nos that does not respond to medication.

I struggle with dyslexia, it makes learning other languages difficult and hard.

Math is very hard for me and so confusing, it is due to the dyslexia.

Roses are pretty I like the yellow ones with the flaming red on the top.

I love to drink coffee and eat cookies when it’s cold out.

I love loom knitting .



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