A Brief History About Me

Okay here it is a bit about me ……………….

I grew up always moving around when I was a child we moved so much that when we woke up in the morning we use to ask where are we what state are we in , we didn’t really settle down until I was fifteen .

I am the oldest of five children , I have a sister two years younger and a brother four years younger a sister twelve years younger and then another sister eighteen years younger. I found out I have an older half-sister whom I have never meet , my dad’s side of the family do not accept us as my dad killed himself when I was fifteen years old.

My life hasn’t been easy I learned to cook and keep house at the age of five years old and by the time I was nine years old I was out in the fields and orchards picking fruits and vegetables to earn a living . My dream as a child was to become a chef which I did achieve I got my G.E.D. at seventeen as I was home schooled  then I went to culinary school and graduated second in my class I was one of six girls in the class only three of the girls made it to graduation.

I worked in baking for ten years being a women in the culinary industry is hard I dealt with a lot of harassment  and mistreatment I stopped working in culinary field  I changed careers in 2007 I worked with elderly and disabled persons I enjoyed it and retired from that in 2012 to be a stay at home mom.

I have Struggled with bipolar depression since my teen years was misdiagnosed for years before it was figured out , Haven’t had much success with medications just a lot of bad reactions or the medications didn’t help, I guess I have the treatment resistant type as nothing yet has really helped me.

I converted to Islam in 2004/2006

My sister 2 years younger than me got into some trouble she accidentally killed my best friend from childhood/teenage years by driving when she shouldn’t under the influence of drugs, when this happened I was in an abusive relationship and struggling I started studying Islam and it called  to me I converted over the internet  in 2004, 2005 was a really rough year for me , wasn’t until 2006 that I went to a masjed and converted in front of sisters .

I have a seventeen year old son and fifteen year old daughter from a previous marriage, they live with their father, I don’t see them as much as I would like, it is hard and leaves a open wound.

I have  three more children I remarried in 2006 had my daughter in 2009 son in 2011 and another son 2013 , my daughter and sons have  SPD ( Sensory Processing Disorder ) which is its own set of challenges .

 In 2014 I traveled with  my husband to Morocco  to meet his family and have been living here with his sister and her family so that the children can learn about Moroccan culture, as well as languages, it is hard but children come first. My husband stays in USA working while I stay with children .


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