Liebster Award


Liebster3As Salam Alikum Readers I got nomimated for a liebster award by


So Thank You very much


The 11 questions I would ask is:

  1. What is your favorite color? Blues
  2. What is your least favorite color? And why? bight colors because they wash me out
  3. Do you like shopping? no I dislike shopping especially shoe shopping.
  4. Have you been on a camping road trip? Yes that was basically my whole childhood one big camping trip.
  5. Do you keep a journal? Yes since I was 12 years old
  6. Whats the weirdest thing you ate as a child? Chocolate covered ants and crickets.
  7. Can you bake? Do you like to bake? Yes I can bake, Oh yes its one of my favorite things to do.
  8. Longest you have went without talking? And why? Almost a week, I got really sick and lost my voice.
  9. Weirdest Place you’ve slept in? A tree.
  10. Weirdest phobia you have. Snake I guess, or Fear of mispronouncing a Word

Can you speak a foreign language? If So which one? I understand Moroccan Arabic if they are talking slow enough , I can talk barely, I know and talk in sign language but haven’t used it in years.

13 random facts about me are

  1. I always show up early everywhere
  2. I wear dark colors and hardly wear bight colors.
  3. I don’t buy my own clothes, my sisters in laws or husband buys them and I wear whatever they give me , I don’t care about clothes.
  4.   I am allergic to Mangoes, Kiwis, Papayas, star fruits, passion fruits passion flowers, blue cheese and most all commercial soaps .
  5. I’m afraid of snakes
  6. I have lived in 48 of the 50 states in USA and three different countries.
  7. I’m the oldest in my family.
  8. I was born in a truck stop
  9. I’m short
  10. I have dyslexia
  11. I didn’t have a tv gowning up
  12. I will read any book once
  13. I’ve worked in farms and orchards

11 blogs I nominate are:

  2. Simple Muslimah

  3. Muslimahs Ablaze

  4. Muslimah According to Me

  5. Beyond Iddah

  6. Submit to Allāh ﷻ

  7. The Muslimah Blogg

  8. Thoughts of an American Hijabi

  9. Rekindling The Flame Of Imaan

  10. The ink monster👻

  11. Writings by “Sayeda Sowayba Azhar”