Eid Mubarak

As Salam Alikum Readers a little bit late but eid Mubarak


Life Is Short

It was early in the morning at four,When death knocked upon a bedroom door,

Who is there? The sleeping one cried.

I’m Malkul Mawt, let me inside.

At once, the man began to shiver,

As one sweating in deadly fever,

He shouted to his sleeping wife,

Don’t let him take away my life.

Please go away, O Angel of Death!

Without Allah

Without Alllah
Without Allah I could not foresee 

The things of this world that I would face

Its pains, 

It’s woes the tears and fears 

The darkest days replaced with light 

The peace he gives me Every day, 

The hope 

The joy 

When I know he’s near 

He’ll never say, 

I have no time 

To listen to this child of mine 

Without Allah,

My prayers to hear 

Rewards are great when he is near 

He’ll never leave me night or day 

He’s in my heart, 

He’s there to stay 

No one can ever take this place 

He knows your name 

As he knows mine, 

This Allah of mine 

Can be yours today just ask him into your heart today.

Pray to Allah to guide your way to the straight path.

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Standing Before Allah 

As Salam Alaikum,When I stand before my lord on the Last Day

I want to be able to say I loved her for His sake.

When I am asked about how I treated her

I want to be able to say like a sister,

Like family, like a dear and close friend.

When I am in need of intercession on that,

Tremendous Day,

I want her to intercede for me by Allah’s mercy and grace.

When my soul has departed from this life,

I want her to wash and shroud my body-

Remembering my good deeds,

Overlooking my evil.

I want her to care for my children

I leave behind as if they were her own.

I want her not to shed too many tears when

I am gone,


I want her to smile,

That beautiful smile

She has

Cherishing what we were blessed with in this life,

Praying for even better in the next!