Working to much this week

As salam alikum Readers 

I have been super busy this week with work that I haven’t been able to do much else yes I know thats crazy.

This week alone I have worked from 8 am until 230pm and then from 3 pm until 8pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday on Saturday I worked from 930 am to 230 pm and 3pm until 8 pm the job I work at is very physical and now I am feeling it in my back and arms as well as my knees .

I lift boxes during the whole shift some boxes are really heavy up to 58 pounds or more the really heavy ones even with another person are hard to lift.

My left knee hurts to bend , after work last night I soaked in a hot bath for about half a hour when I got out I applied icy hot to my sore muscles but it did ‘t really help and I am still sore will bring it to my doctors attion when I go see her on Thursday of next week.

I am looking forward to my days off next Wednesday and Thursday. 

I will post more when I feel rested and less sore.