Email From  A sister Asking  Questions About Bipolar 

As salaamu alaikum sister

I read your post about love hurts, then read the title of your blog, and read a couple posts in relation to depression I just want to ask a few questions because I would like to know more:

  • what does it feel like from day to day to have bi-polar disorder?
  • how do you cope?
  • does it help to have support around you?
  • what is your diet like?
  • have you changed your diet to see how your mood has changed as well?

Jazakhallah khair
May Allah help ease your pain ameen.

Wa alikum salam Sister 
I have answered the questions in the order you wrote them if you have any more questions feel free to ask away
Depends on the day some days are good other days are a real struggle just to get out of bed and get dressed
One day at a time some days just one minute at a time
Yes it does help to have support but sometimes even with support I still struggle 
Very wholesome lots of fresh cooked meals and whole foods try to stay away from processed and junk foods 
By cutting out dyes and addtives it has helped my skin issues not really helped my mood that I’ve noticed