Breast Pumps My Personal Review

As Salam Alikum Readers

Today I’m going to write a review of all the breast pumps I’ve tried, I’ll list the names and types of pumps I’ve tried and how I felt that they’ve worked for me personally .

Spectra love the setting of this pump , bottles are a bit oddly shaped not a fan of the one piece flanges as it’s harder to get into the pumping bras , note there are medela hacks to use medala parts with the spectra pump I’ll try them and give a review. Still playing around with the settings to figure out what personally works for me.

Medela is a good pump there are several different models I have personally tried the harmony hand pump the Lactina pump, symphony, in style pump they all work and are easy to use . There are so many different types of medala pumps and different size flanges it’s super easy to use just be very careful with the suction it’s super easy to accidentally hurt your nipples but using to much suction. Will show you the hacks I’ve used in another post in sha Allah.

Avent Manuel pump easy to use and store works great like the design.Love this design and the cushions flange pump. Not really a fan of the bottles because they are oddly shaped and a huge size even this smallest size ones.

Haakaa is a suction based cup thing that’s great for catching the second boob drips while baby nurses . Only issue I have is my baby seems to like to kick it off the other breast while she’s feeding. The suction and take a minute or so to get right .

Evenflo double electric pump it works like the extra cushion of the breast pump inserts small easy to pack design, don’t care for the one piece style flanges. I do like the extra flange cushions and I found a hack I use with medala flanges and evenflo cushions.

Amadela purely yours personal and hospital grade all I can say is don’t both they didn’t have any suction or speed even at the highest setting huge waste of time. Not a fan of the one piece flanges they are personal a pain to deal with and award to wash and get into pumping the duckbill valves and they will fit up in the medala parts I’ll show you the hack later.


Finding My Way..

As Salam Alikum Readers

I have taking a part time job and am now trying to figure out how to incorporate everything in my life, at the moment I feel quite disorganized and I have decided to start with small goals , will post a update soon in sha Allah so please bear with me.

Inspirational Islamic Quotes

Inspirational Islamic Quotes!

You ask …..

ALLAH gives.
You cry …..

ALLAH listens.

You call …..

ALLAH runs.

You sin …..

ALLAH forgives.
You knock …..
ALLAH opens.
You attend …..
ALLAH welcomes.
You request …..
ALLAH accepts.
You question …..
ALLAH solves.
You plea …..
ALLAH resolves.
You take …..
ALLAH provides.
You insists …..
ALLAH grants.
Everything ALLAH does,
Is about you.
So “which of the favors of your LORD will you
deny ?”
(Qur’an 55:13)

Letter From Mother To Daughter

“My dear girl, the day you see I’m
getting old,

 I ask you to please be
patient, but most of all, try to
understand what I’m going

If when we talk, I repeat
the same thing a thousand times,
don’t interrupt to say: 

“You said
the same thing a minute ago”…
Just listen, please. 

Try to remember the times when you
were little and I would read the
same story night after night until
you would fall asleep. 

When I don’t want to take a bath, don’t
be mad and don’t embarrass me.
Remember when I had to run
after you making excuses and
trying to get you to take a shower
when you were just a girl?

 When you see how ignorant I am when
it comes to new technology, give
me the time to learn and don’t
look at me that way… 

Remember,  honey, I patiently taught you how
to do many things like eating
appropriately, getting dressed,
combing your hair and dealing
with life’s issues every day… 

The day you see I’m getting old, I ask
you to please be patient, but
most of all, try to understand
what I’m going through. 

If I occasionally lose track of what
we’re talking about, give me the
time to remember, and if I can’t,
don’t be nervous, impatient or

Just know in your heart
that the most important thing for
me is to be with you.

 And when my old, tired legs don’t let me
move as quickly as before, give
me your hand the same way that

I offered mine to you when you
first walked. When those days
come, don’t feel sad..

Just be with me, and understand me
while I get to the end of my life
with love. 

I’ll cherish and thank you  for the gift of time and joy
we shared. With a big smile and
the huge love 

I’ve always had for
you, I just want to say, I love you,
my darling daughter.”
Love mom


As Salam Alikum

My fourth child turned 5 wow where does the time go? It seems to just fly right on by!

Some things I have learned about raising boys , I have 3 boys and two girls . Boys are way rough and tumble when they play ,I’m not saying that girls aren’t rough and tumble because they are as well, what I’m saying is so far to me boys are rough and tumble 24/7.

Boys are very rough on their clothing always seems to be ripping and tearing it , as well as getting it dirty beyond dirty when I wash their clothes I have to wash at least twice to remove all the dirt yep that’s a boy for you. White on small boys will not stay white for long it will become grey or brown depending on where they are playing . Easy tip: stick with darker colors easier to wash and stains don’t as much or show up , don’t bother buying white socks it will just eat up your time scrubbing the dirt out of them.

Don’t worry about every time the fall and bump their head , boys bump their head all the time they are like little monkeys jumping and climbing everything , yes I do mean ever things stairs, stair railings , walls , anything , trees poles you name it they will try to climb it . Another thing is they love to jump off of stuff beds , chairs , coffee tables the list goes on and on.

Boys have their sweet and cuddle side , my boys have a rough and tumble lets climb up and jump on mommy to hug her climb up her back yes they are always active and have given up napping for the most part.


Horrible Airport Experience 10/27/2014

Yesterday I had a very bad experience at the airport .

My day started off good and I was excited and nervous as I was flying alone with a 15 month old went through the line got my boarding pass from the airline I was flying on then went through security and that is were I ran into issues.

The security people were not helpful and I am not fluent in Arabic , and they didn’t speak English so it was very hard the few who claimed to speak English didn’t understand me at all and there is no paging system in the airport what kind of airport doesn’t have a paging system?

The problem is over a piece of paper  apparently I forgot to get a piece of paper from the police department in the town I was staying in because I stayed more than 3 months .

They had me run all over the airport looking for my husband I had several panic attacks and dissolved into tears , They finally found my husband and the issue was almost resolved had to travel back to the town I was staying in to get dumb piece of paper.

My husband he re-booked his flight and left me with his brothers and his Brother in law . Went to claim my bags and guess what they sent one on the airplane so I don’t know if I’ll ever see it ?
I rode in the car back to the town and am now just sitting here waiting.