Pumping Tips And Hacks!

As Salam Alikum Readers

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post ,

Here are some things I’ve learned about pumping breast milk.

Constancy is super important to keep up a supply so even if you’re bone tired do not skip your scheduled pump.

Make sure your fluid intake is enough basically drink lots of water then drink some more the more water you drink the more milk you will make, on that note if you’re electrolytes are not balanced it will affect your output so add either a Gatorade or coconut water 32 ounces a day to help your supply.

Calories and carbohydrates are your friend and so is protein make sure you are eating enough , breastfeeding makes you hungry so when you feel hungry eat .

Multiple sets of flanges and connectors are going to help you in the long run so you’re not always washing the parts.

You can soak the dirty pumping parts in cold water with soap and vinegar then wash later

When freezing milk do so in approved milk bags and push out all the air then seal and lay flat and freeze then store the small bags into a gallon size bag and make bricks of breast milk.

Change the yellow and white valves to the duckbill valves they last longer and are easier because they are one piece .

Make sure your flanges are correctly fitted , will do separate post for fitting flanges.

Spectra is a great pump you can use medela flanges and connectors and bottles with a simple hack either diy or can buy it off of amazon.

Breastfeeding and pumping takes time and patience, supply and demand so if you need more milk nurse and pumping more will increase your supply of milk.

Power pumping is good way to get more milk it takes time here’s a picture of power pumping .

Here’s one of cluster pumping combine the two can increase your supply fast .